A piece from 2013 that I loved. Not sure I remember what inspired this but I was deeply sad for the beginning segment of that year. Enjoy!


No oxygen nor solitude haunted for eternity 
stains on a white napkin ruby-red eyes.
The gem melts and Niagra attempts a fall,
what bountiful product it yields?
Wipe the window shield,clear the river bank
Don’t stop scrubbing till there is no shiver left.
A bit impossible, is it not ? 
To forget a sting, or scar, bound to never erase.
Temptation! it led to these unfortunate mishaps.

Don’t grieve over actions already performed
never a cry,sob,whimper or wail.
Red stains on the curtains,
droplets splattered all over the room
these stains can be wiped, but never removed.
A tormented soul filled with distress 
Glorious applause for one who keeps secrets in a locked-closet
One day the skeleton will be let loose and we will see who is who,
and what is just.

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