Okay, so this time my headphones broke down, again. I typically have two different types of headphones, one that I’m using for stationary purposes and one pair that I’m using when doing sports (aka slack-lining or doing martial arts forms in the park).

AKG K242HD — best headphones I’ve ever tested © Image by kopfhoerer.de

For the stationary purpose, I use the K242HD headphones because they are cheap, reference-class and you can find them in pretty much every audio studio on the planet. By cheap I mean around 50 bucks on ebay if you’re lucky. They are also over-ear headphones (not on-ear and not in-ear), which means they are very comfortable to…

This time, I am writing an article that could be interpreted as a nerdraging one. But actually, I’m just trying to fix stuff so that I can focus on work instead; without getting annoyed all the time that debugging is so hard.


node.js console API is shitty, JSON.stringify() sucks, this is the polyfill for a better developer experience: https://gist.github.com/cookiengineer/05581bc59f5d7d3dbaa09e6018678740


In node.js, the console API is pretty much the definition of being utterly useless. Every time you want to console.log(object) and the object is, say, of nested nature, you can’t see shit about what’s going on. …

Okay folks, today I was casually browsing YouTube and then something amazing happened: The autoplay functionality led me to some tinfoil hat idiots channel.

The video that was being played there was titled: “The Nazi Bell: Secret Anti-Gravity Technology” and I was kind of curious, assuming some scientists in the Nazi era were also working on the base research of Nikola Tesla’s EM drive — which currently is being validated in space, because it worked in the almost-vacuum tests at the JPL lab.

The Nazi Bell: Secret Anti-Gravity Technology (it’s scam, sorry to spoil you)

But apparently, there’s an internet…

Okay, this is kind of a rant post. I’m not sure how this article will turn out, but I think it’s quite important.

Somehow autoconf introduced special “[” and “]” characters somewhere over the last year. As many of you might guess, many many build files (probably all) somewhere use sed to find out version numbers from raw header source files of libraries those projects use.

As the #define syntax in C/C++ allows to have spaces in between, the syntax of an sed command uses optional whitespaces in the regular expression.

The last article covered an introduction to Neural Networks and Evolutionary AI Concepts, in particular Genetic Programming and NEAT.

In case you’ve missed it, it is required to understand this article. So go ahead and read it first: https://medium.com/@cookiengineer/machine-learning-for-dummies-part-1-dbaca076ec07

This article will focus on Neural Networks and Feed-Forward Neural Networks in general. It will cover the implementor’s view on things and (hopefully) be easy to follow.

0. Back to Neural Networks

In order to understand how Backpropagation works we first need to get back to Neural Networks themselves. If you remember, Neural Networks basically look like this:

Neural Network architecture (Input layer, hidden layers and output layer)

We also know that neurons themselves always have…

Code Snippets & Github Included

Machine Learning for Dummies

I often get asked on how to get started with Machine Learning. Most of the time, people have troubles understanding the maths behind all things. And I have to admit, I don’t like the maths either. Math is an abstract way of describing things. And I think the way machine learning is described is too abstract to understand it easily.

So in this article (series?) I probably try to describe things with foo code or a bit of JS to explain what I’m talking about.

There will also be an experimental github repository where I put everything together, so that…

Today I was casually browsing /r/vim where one of the redditors made a z plugin for vim. If you never heard of z before — I bet it will improve your life by at least 9000%.

First: z is a shell script that can be included in your bashrc. Download, edit bashrc, source path/to/z.sh and restart your Terminal to get going.

Link to the z project: https://github.com/rupa/z

What does z do?

I frequently work in a couple of projects and I always have to cd into them. I have frequently edited the lychee.js’ lychee library:

cd /opt/lycheejs;
cd ./libraries/lychee; …

It’s me again. This time I want to say that Arch is amazing. No seriously, beside the jokes of /r/linuxcirclejerk I want to describe and explain the advantages that an Arch-based distro has over other distributions.

As I’m a GNOME lover I kind of represent both the “real world user” and a “developer” here. I hate doing things in Terminal (except my only true love VIM ❤) and I want to automate all the things, so the problems never distract me again from my real work on my computer.

I’m not a hired sysadmin, so I don’t give a f***…

As some of you might know, I was kind of a Game Engine Architect and did some low-level cross-platform 2D / 3D stuff in the past. Coming from the hardcore C/C++ corner of the internet I meanwhile switched to ECMAscript6 and I really prefer it, even over Haskell, CommonLISP and Python. I’m also totally lazy, so I like to at least automate my life as far as possible.

I decided to write about Angular2. My new job kind of requires that I develop with Angular2, they ain’t doing anything related to my previous research in the AI or engine sector…

Today I woke up from my Macbook because it woke up from sleep. I literally woke up from sleep and was totally confused what caused it. Turns out this problem is really hard to debug and googling for it will give you a shitload of users asking for generic questions, always posting answers that have literally zero correlation with the problem.

So, what’s the problem? The problem is not a simple one, it’s caused by multiple annoying settings that the Macbook (in particular OSX El Capitan) ships with.

1. Disable Wake Up on LAN

Open the System Preferences, go to “Energy Saver” and make sure that…

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