Cooking Ports

Do you love food? Love to eat? Love to cook? Then a food fanatic like you is in the right place, yes you. Everybody loves food, from appetizers to desserts, street foods, and other delicacies from around the world. Here we gather the list of the best foods you can imagine, secret recipes passed down from generations, spices that can only be found in some regions. If you’re looking for something special to cook here you can have lots of those. If you want something unique for your food business you can find it here, if you want stall ideas that you can start we also have it here, and if a special dish you want for your restaurant to step up suit yourself with all those recipes and guides. Looking for restaurants to eat? Or anywhere with food you never had in your life? A list of those and directions are listed in here.

Food Business

There are many type of food business Bakery, Catering, Restaurant, Brewpub, stall food, instant food productions, bottled water, fruit stand, frozen goods, etc. All these food products has advantages and disadvantages you need to know but what is important is what kind of food business you should establish. Here are list of tips and guide to start your business.

- Know what kind of food business you want unless you want to regret it later.

- Budget for your food business is very important it determines how big your business will be.

- Proper Location for a good food business is a must. It gives advantage to choose where there is less competitor and more customer.

- Legal Papers are the one that is difficult in this business, there are lots of permits that you need to establish a food business.

- People or crew that are trustworthy is what you need in this type of business.

- Have your own recipe, that’s what makes your food business different from others.

- Have a click marketing strategy to boost your food business popularity to attract more customers.