Fish Tikka

Fish Tikka has always been attraction as a party starter. If it is a non-vegetarian party then a glass of drink with hot fish tikka is one of the most attractive combinations. It is true that Punjabi folks are avid Mughal lovers. Their non-vegetarian dishes are a much cherished gift to the world of cuisine. Fish Tikka is an authentic dish in which small chunks or pieces (tikkas) of boneless fish are marinated in hot aromatic spices and yoghurt (dahi), followed by baking in a tandoor. Amalgamation of spices like garlic, ginger, coriander, hot spices, green chillies and lemon juice provides a characteristic flavour to Tikka. When fish is cooked with these blend of spices, gives fantastic juicy taste and texture to tikka.

Over the years, different versions of this dish have been developed. Traditionally, the fish is grilled over red-hot coals. Since this traditional version is difficult and risky to prepare at home, now a day’s oven or microwave is used to grill the pieces.

The key to nail this recipe lies in the marinade. The fish should be kept in the marinade mixture for sufficient time to obtain good results. This provides ample time for the mixture to seep into the fish chunks and makes them tender and succulent. Cooking in the oven or microwave should be done carefully, and by flipping sides to get perfect golden brown colour. Fish Tikka, an ultimate recipe, which is very popular as starter. These juicy bite-sized chunks when served with onion (pyaaz) rings and green chutney, along with a dash of lemon juice (nimboo ka ras) spell out magic.

Despite of its Mughal origin may be the origin, Fish Tikka is very popular in almost all part of northern India. It is also equally popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was a great surprise for me, when one of friend served it to me in Fish Tikka in Dubai at their residence.

Fish tikka is a delicious starter, which is very soft, hot and juicy. Try this easy to mouth-watering and easy recipe, trust me your family and guest will relish it.

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