Fruit Cream

Indian summers are not for the faint-hearted to brave. There is an intense heat-wave every year, and it feels like a task even to get out of the house. Needless to say, it becomes irritable after a while. It is hard especially on kids, who have to go to school in this extreme weather. It takes a huge toll on them. As the weekend is the only time where my family and I get to spend time together and relax, I try to make it as memorable as possible. Everybody is at home on the weekend. The air-conditioners are in full blow, the television set is cranked up to full volume, and our drawing room is filled with endless chatter. I love to spend this quality family time with my kids and husband, and even more so to spoil them with their favourite dishes. Of late, my kids have gotten tired of eating hot items. Even though they adore dosa, they don’t like to have it much during summers. And it is not really their fault.

The summer season calls for something chilled something to cool down your body. Apart from chilled items like ice- cream, kulfi, etc., it is also important to have fruits daily to maintain a balanced diet in this harsh weather. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, grapes and more contain a high amount of water, and do wonders for our health system. I don’t know if this is a common trend or what, but at least my children loathe fruits. So I am constantly forced to wrack my brains up and come up with inventive dishes to make them have fruits.

This weekend, I decided to prepare Fruit Cream. It is a continental dessert, loaded with dollops of whipped cream and seasonal fruits. Any fruit can be used for this delicacy, but the overall taste must be balanced. Make sure that you add whipped cream generously, as it a certified kids ‘favourite. I have used some honey to drizzle on top of the dessert; chocolate syrup can also be used here. The main pressure point here is to obtain the correct consistency; it should be in semi-liquid form. And it should be kept in mind that this dessert is supposed to be consumed on the same day of its preparation, as otherwise the fruits can perish. The vibrant Fruit Cream should be served chilled and straight out of the refrigerator. It will provide a fresh wave of relief and joy during the summers, guaranteed!