30 months of Sobriety “Respect”

Sunrise In Ocean City, Md. August 5, 2016

30 months of Sobriety


For me, the simple truth has become after 30 months of Sobriety, each day as I rise each morning and look in the mirror, the question I must ask myself, “what am I going to do to “respect” myself today?”

I have learned I cannot run away from the moments in my mind which do not make me feel good. I must work at dealing with the chatter within my mind each and every day without the use of alcohol or any other addictive products which will help me lose control of myself or give me a false feeling of euphoria.

It all boils down to “survival!” To survive, I must constantly be “alert” to the moments within my mind and with my life which can either help me or harm me in anyway! I must always “respect” myself as a great person and as a great human being!

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