Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Mind
Maria Cross MSc

I enjoyed your thoughts as to the “leaky gut.” I too have been on my quest to manage my health. As I gained understanding, finding simplicity, this feeling came over me, if my life began with an umbilical cord attached to my stomach to begin my development, it makes sense all life’s issues begin with the stomach. With this said, I wish to share my thoughts;

“What if our stomach or gut is our “real brain” and the “organ brain” is the “processing brain” we refer to as the Mind. Durning conception, the umbilical cord is connected to our stomachs feeding our bacteria to go to work releasing the cell structures to create organs in our body and making the brain organ the depository of all our life experiences which begins to form Consciousness within us to become a human being! What if the real seed of Consciousness begins in our gut?” Enjoy! William

(Microorganisms Bacteria, Fungi, feed on proteins, animal, and plant, and Archaea feeds from Hydrogen which comes mostly from water.)