Living a Life of Sobriety.

William W Cook
Mar 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Sunrises are an important moment in my life, as I am entering my 50th month of Sobriety. My visits to Sunrises have helped me to understand my life and what drives my obsessions. My understanding is simply the emotions of fear and love. When I reflect on all which occurs in my life before a Sunrise, all my actions are rooted in fear and love. As human beings, I believe, we all process our feelings much the same way.

With my visit to Sunrises, brought about an even greater understanding, a feeling of a higher consciousness which exists before me and within me. I found it to invigorate this feeling, my consciousness drives all my emotions.

When visiting Sunrises, I have learned the importance of expression. I believe expression helps with healing and understanding. As human beings, the need to express ourselves in conversation, art, music, giving, letters, etc, is if not just for ourselves, but, with other people, is important to our own personal growth.

I make no claims as to having answers for our existence as human beings, yet I have come to believe and felt in the highest consciousness of my existence, God!

As I have learned in AA the importance of sharing and speaking in the singular, I wish to share my expression of Living A Life Of Sobriety with the hope it helps those who are seeking understanding.

Living a Life Of Sobriety

In Definition of Being Sober: is marked by sedate or gravely or earnestly thoughtful character or demeanor.

Living a Life Of Sobriety,

In its simplicity is;

My Left Hand Sustains me;

Water, Rest, Nutrition, Exercise, and Prayer

My Right Hand Guides me;

God, Faith, Hope, Love, Life,

In other words,

In God I Have Faith, to have Hope, to Love, My Life!

With 50 Months Of Living a Life Of Sobriety,

I have come to understand the simplicity of how these words emerged within me to summarize this very day!

I need not anymore understanding of “why” in my Life. I have come to my turning point in my present moment of Life, to understand “what” is! Enjoy!

My Sunrise videos are 3 minutes. Watching Sunrises will help “Calm’ your Mind and Start your day!

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