Thought of the Day! Chemistry!

Sunrise in Ocean City Maryland March 16, 2017
With my visit to today’s Sunrise, my thoughts went to Chemistry! Much has been written and discovered about the Chemistry within the human body. Science has identified the chemicals which make us feel good and the chemicals which bring sadness to our lives. In living a Life of Sobriety, I have come to believe, the importance of words we use to express oneself, ignite a blending of these chemicals to create the energy we need in living. With today’s Sunrise, I realize the other importance to my Chemistry, is the interaction with people and nature. The very words I use to ignite a chemical reaction within me, I believe, allows me to blend with the Chemistry of people and the very Sunrise I enjoy. Happiness, I believe, is all about the Chemistry! Enjoy!

My Sunrise videos are 3 minutes. Watching Sunrises will help “Calm’ your Mind and Start your day! Enjoy!

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