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Sunrise in Ocean City Maryland February 21, 2017
Walking to visit today’s Sunrise, my thoughts move me to Life. Much has been wriiten about Life from many other people over time. Yet, I reflected on something I wrote 20 years ago and I believe my message still holds true in today’s hectic world. I believe, “Life is like a hamburger, you can add many things to it, tomato, onion, mushrooms, cheese, taco sauce and many, many, more condiments. You can build your hamburger the way you want. When you are done, you simply bite into it and feel how good it taste. Life is the same way, take yourself and add whatever you choose to yourself and when you’ve added all that you can, simply take a bite, so you can feel real good about you!” Enjoy!

My Sunrise videos are 3 minutes. Watching Sunrises will help “Calm’ your mind and Start your day! Enjoy!

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