My experience as a woman in advertising, in two parts
heidi hackemer

I’ve got stories from ad agencies and from working in a university environment where I started the VCU Brandcenter. The sexist issues began on my first day interviewing in Richmond after graduating college with a art direction portfolio. A CD wanted to hire me and brought in the agency president who looked over my work. He replied, “We only have masculine accounts here.” Whew, I was glad to hear this biased remark and get out of the door of that place quickly.

Another CD kept me waiting for close to 2-hours. When he walked in the door with a bagged lunch for himself and his client, he didn’t even apologize. Taking me into the conference room, he literally flipped through my 20 pieces, not even looking at them. I went outside to my car and cried. Having put myself through the Minneapolis College of Art & Design by driving tractor-trailers and gravel trucks for 5 summers; and working my butt off on my portfolio, I was devastated.

This was just day one.

Heidi, thank you for sharing your insights on issues that women face in private and business life. Naming guys that work smartly with women is brilliant and will make a difference.

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