Kristi Coulter

Thank you, thank you for nailing the situation so many woman face every day. I’ve been drinking two glasses of wine, most nights, for decades. Sometimes, I’ve quit for months to prove to myself that I can quit. But I’ve always returned to the habit. When my kids were younger, I didn’t drink quite so much since my ex was/is a heavy drinker. One of us needed to be fully functioning at 2am, 4am or 6am… fully functioning in general.

After 25-years of working hard as an advertising creative director; mother of two; good wife; later, founder of a grad school… I was handed divorce papers minutes after “my best-friend” drove out of the driveway to a high-end apartment that I didn’t know existed.

If I’d insisted that we get off the booze train rather than enabling the drinking, life might have been different for my family?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been happier than I am now. Though it’s taken years to get to this place and too much wine. I had two glasses yesterday while visiting my grown daughter. She drinks whiskey and fits the independent, strong woman of today mold you describe.

Last night, I prayed to get help with my nightly habit of “decompressing” or self-medication, whatever you choose to call it. This morning, your article was in my Facebook feed. It’s packed with great writing and real insights, insights I’m taking to heart. Thank you, thank you.

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