This week we’ll dive into Gnocchi (properly pronounced as “nyawk-kee”). These versatile Italian dumplings are beautiful baked, fried or boiled. Like many Italian dishes, gnocchi have considerable variation in recipes and names across different regions. Common accompaniments of gnocchi include melted butter with sage, pesto, as well as various sauces.

The dough for gnocchi is most often rolled out before it is cut into small pieces about the size of a wine cork. …

This week we’ll dive into pancakes. An American breakfast or brunch would simply be incomplete without them piled high and served with syrup, butter, and all of your topping favorites.

Pancakes have been around for centuries as a favorite staple in many cultures’ diets. The name “pancake” started during the 15th century but became standard in 19th century America. Perviously, they were called indian cakes, hoe cakes, johnnycakes, journey cakes, buckwheat cakes, buckwheats, griddle cakes, and flapjacks. Let’s get to it and cook up a delicious pancakes of your own.

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This week we’ll dive into Japanese Ramen (literally: “pulled noodles”). A few hundred years before instant ramen appeared on the scene (invented in 1958), ramen rose to fame in Asia as a go-to dish for blue collar workers. While most people typically think of ramen as Japanese in origin, this slurpable dish actually traces its roots back to China.

A typical ramen noodle soup consists of Chinese wheat noodles served in a broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork, nori (dried seaweed), menma (bamboo shoots), and scallions. …



Every week we’ll dive into one popular international dish with curated videos and recipes from the best cooks. Let’s cook up something delicious!

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