Homemade Gnocchi 🇮🇹

This week we’ll dive into Gnocchi (properly pronounced as “nyawk-kee”). These versatile Italian dumplings are beautiful baked, fried or boiled. Like many Italian dishes, gnocchi have considerable variation in recipes and names across different regions. Common accompaniments of gnocchi include melted butter with sage, pesto, as well as various sauces.

The dough for gnocchi is most often rolled out before it is cut into small pieces about the size of a wine cork. The little dumplings are then pressed with a fork or a cheese grater to make ridges that can hold sauce. Let’s get to it and cook up a delicious gnocchi of your own.

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“Gnocchi” is pronounced “gnocchi” and not “gnocchi”.

Very traditional

Best gnocchi recipe h

Make Gnocchi like an Italian grandmotherwww.101cookbooks.com

A gnocchi recipe taught by an Italian mother from Genoa. A platter of petite, potato pillows coated with glistening flecks of basil pesto.


Light and delicious Gnocchi di Pomodorowww.notanothercookingshow.tv

Gnocchi is actually a dumpling, not a pasta but it is just as delicious and easy to make. You can make gnocchi with ricotta as well as potato.

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Gnocchi 4 waysbasicswithbabish.co

Making gnocchi is one of the all-time greatest fears. Here are four ways: Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi, Brown Butter Sage Sauce, Pesto Sauce and Gorgonzola Cream Sauce.

Something different


One-tray Gnocchi dinnerwww.abc.net.au

An easy, breezy vegetarian dinner that cooks on one tray: Gnocchi with broccoli, lemon and cheese.


Cauliflower Gnocchitasty.co

It’s easier than it seems. Here’s what you need: cauliflower, all-purpose flour, salt, olive oil, pesto sauce.


Ricotta Gnocchi with Mint Pestowww.youtube.com

Inspired by Italian traditions unique to Buenos Aires, Frankie is throwing together a ricotta gnocchi made with a mint pesto sauce.

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