The Infamous Listicle

Normally, I am a huge fan of Bleacher Report and the content they release. They do some awesome pieces on all sports, and a fantastic job of posting articles about trending topics. Some of their articles spark more debate and controversy among sports-minds. In the basketball world one of the biggest debates is the greatest of all-time, or simply comparing players from different eras. Bleacher Report recently published their listicle of the “Top 10 Point Guards All-Time”, and I just found it to be completely absurd.

Now, I know this listicle is just a matter of opinion, but I would expect it to be a little more accurate considering the authors claim to be such credible/knowledgeable reporters. One factor that Bleacher Report usually does a great job of considering impact a player has on the culture/game. With the authors of this article being older I feel that they can tend to be bias. The general census among older sports analyst is that the older generation of players are superior than the current or modern era players.

This Man is Delusional…

Magic over Steph?

I was completely taken back by crowning Magic Johnson as the best all-time point guard. When comparing players from different eras I feel that is necessary to determine how the other would fare in the others era. Not many people would disagree with me in saying that Steph Curry would still thrive in the older generation, but Magic wouldn’t flourish in the modern game. Not to mention the talent level in the league of today’s NBA compared to that of the past. No doubt there were some incredible players but there was also a lot of players that were average, if not below average players. With players having similar accolades I would give the edge to the player that revolutionized and ruined the game.

More Blasphemy

Another absurd ranking is Jerry west at number four. I understand he is the NBA logo but that’s probably the only argument for ranking him that high. These old authors are truly off their rocker for thinking that Jerry West should be ranked above two-time MVP, the first player to average 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from the 3-pointline, and 90 percent from the free-throwline in the same season…Steve Nash.

The one accurate ranking is Oscar Robinson at number three since he was the first guard to average a triple-double for an entire season. Besides Robinson, the rest of the listicle is inaccurate.

You can make an argument that Isiah Thomas should be ranked higher than tenth place. At least higher than John Stockton, considering he NEVER won a championship. We can also argue a spot for some of the top point guards in the league right now; Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Tony Parker. I also don’t think Jason Kidd belongs anywhere near a top-10, even if we simply look at stats.

Andy Bailey, the main author of this listicle and few other popular articles, has Russell Westbrook at the number nine spot. I think this is absolutely insane considering the only significant accolade he has is a stretch of seasons with a triple double, which is a VERY impressive stat but its ben done before by Oscar Robinson. However, I will admit he is the most athletic point guard we have seen and it’s not even close. Unfortunately, he has some other guards in the league that over shadow him because of his inability to shoot the ball at a decent rate.

I do agree with Baileys ranking of Chris Paul in the top 10. Paul is one of the few players in the modern NBA with a throwback game. He doesn’t score at an incredible rate, but his game is built around being a “pass first” point guard, that also can shoot at a high percentage. He also has an extremely high basketball IQ which has allowed him to play for so many years and still be effective. In addition, he is a solid defender for his height, which truly makes him an all-around PG.

Andy Bailey did get that right, so I guess he isn’t completely clueless…

Bleacher Report has over 8 million followers, and its House of Highlights brand has over 11 million. It was ranked the most engaged sports brand on social media, so I would suggest not posting another listicle from Andy Bailey.

With a following that big, I KNOW people saw this article and had a similar reaction as mine. I’m sure this this article will get lost in their endless amount of content but I hope people it doesn’t, because I want everyone to remember this ignorance.

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