Was able to provide value within a week of starting at a new company. Sharing the things I did.

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I started a new job as a Product Manager.
Due to the Coronavirus I’ve been working from home since day 1, the company isn’t used to working remote, in fact, they switched to work remote a day before I joined 🤦🏻‍♂️
So my onboarding process went out the window…

Fearing downsizing due to Covid, my aim was to provide value ASAP (ROI).
Below are a few things that helped me accomplish this fast! (within a week of starting).

Since the end of my first week I’ve been getting very positive feedback, that I’m doing great work and and exceeding their expectations! …


Eitan Gersh Kaplawi

I spend my days on the web, I spend my nights in the web.

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