Thank You

America is smart enough to see through the political rhetoric you used to promote your visa program…The problem is that you left out the fact that the only focus Trump is focusing on is ILLEGAL Immigration which clearly was done by design since you are all of above average intelligence…America is much smarter than you give us credit for and next time you tell us who we can and cannot VOTE for think about talking to us about the FACTS and not creating a story that you were spoon fed by Clinton to create a false narrative…

It is good to see America find its voice so that people speak up and we make this country better than it is…While you found your voice many of us have also found our voice too and America will not sit on the sidelines while we see our corrupt politicians sell us out to the highest bidder anymore…

Thanks for showing us where you stand as it is your freedom as it is ours to make our statement on November 9th when we all get ONE vote for ONE goal to make ONE country great again…Our country America!

Sincerely Yours


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