Have you ever wanted to be the Shark on Shark Tank?

Of course you have…We all have…Imagine being Mark Cuban or any of the other sharks who are living the life…Investing in companies and building wealth on top of their wealth empires…Yet for the average person this is just not possible…They lack the money, resources, and connections to invest in early stage companies and their angel rounds…Typically the VCs or angel investors get those rounds and that is where all the bang for the buck is…

Let look at Uber for a second

Uber is one of a 146 unicorns that all started as a startup one day.

Here is a real life example of what a micro transaction investment could look like. On October 15, 2010 Uber raised its angel round led by First Round Capital among other high profile investors like Chris Sacca. A $100.00 investment in that round would have bought you .00008 ownership and today that equity would be worth $5,600,000.00. While there are only a few Uber like opportunities that come along in a lifetime this is an example of what Nvstor can offer the average person. Without Nvstor this opportunity is never possible and the average person can never get into these angel round investments with just $100.00.
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So the question now is, if you could be a micro shark investing in great startup companies by having a mobile app connected to your everyday purchases and rounding up a small amount that you predetermine, to invest in a fund that specifically targets startups would you?

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