Fulmer scratched from Monday start, could miss WBC
Jason Beck

Boy-this pitching staff if getting very worrisome.

Lowe is a shadow of the guy that was touted as being a 97 MPH guy with good secondary stuff. From what I have seen he is done. A $6 million man.

Sanchie does not appear to be useful in anyway any more. Pelfrey never was. It is a shame, an in many ways a mistake, to have to pay them all those millions that could be useful elsewhere on this roster.

It may be difficult with the amount of dollars but management really should improve the team by eating these salaries and expecting nothing for them.

Maybe some desperate team will at least take one or two of them on and be willing to pay even 15% or 20% of their “earnings”.

These guys will only ensure mediocrity and the hurt core of the team that actually believe they have one more chance at a ring.

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