Thursday’s lineups: Tigers at Braves
Jason Beck

Getting down to the crunch now.

I hope they reward JJ with the CF spot for the month of April anyway.

He has managed his K rate very well with a better ratio than JD, Upton, Casty and way better than Mahtook. He is striking out about 1 every 5 plate appearances, acceptable enough for a rookie especially one who brings so much else to the picnic.

Glad to see they recognized what needed to be done with Lowe. Hopefully they will be as honest with themselves and the other players when it comes to evaluating Pelfrey, Boyd and to a degree, Rondon. Personally I would take Jiminez over Rondon as I have seen how intense Jiminez is on the mound. Bruce just doesn’t seem to be doing his damndest at ALL times. Something interferes with performance — attitude?

They got Gose right too. Disappointing to see a guy with the tools he has just not optimize them.

I don’t see them taking a chance on Moya. Collins will get the call and I am going out on the limb in saying they will take Jacoby north as well.

As to Boyd and Sanchez — I think Boyd with Sanchie in long relief. That may leave Pelfrey out but he at least has trade value as there are other teams that have enough injuries in their staffs to take a flyer on his arm and innings ability.

I think there are two guys who are going to be disappointing fans all year. KRod and Victor. I hate to say it but I certainly feel it.

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