Thursday’s game rained out
Jason Beck

Really getting fed up with management. Not Brad so much, but the front office. Keeping incapable guys in the bullpen, deploying 2nd rate fielders in CF etc. How on earth can they justify this pretense they are foisting on the Tiger Faithful. These players cannot contribute enough to be part of a seriously contending ball team.

Frankie has obviously shown he can’t compete a t a major league level any longer. The same goes for Anibal. Collins’ spot on the active roster exists only because he happens to have some MLB experience and swings a LHB. Mahtook is not a viable option.

The knowledgeable fan-base deserves more sincerity from Avila. Either get players that can help or at least be up front with everyone and state you are willing to limp through the season and re-build, re-tool, re-boot, re-gurgitate, or whatever they choose to call it, next year.

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