CDOCAST 1–10kg integrated small gold melting machine

Cdocast gold melting machine is a versatile and also power-efficient machine. Our gold melting machine can be used at home for the recuperation of precious metals such as gold and silver. This item additionally locates application in so many sectors. It can be successfully put to use in small factories, labs, as well as jewelry shops!

Our gold melting furnace are camera normally be used for processing metals in the weight array 1–10 kg. The gold melting devices could in spilt secs get to a temperature of 1800 ℃. The functions do not just accelerate your metal casting procedure. It additionally saves you a lot of cost which may have to be invested in utilities.

Cdocast gold smelting furnace are developed with the innovative IGBT induction technology. This attribute helps the heater to acquire is maximum temperature level (1800 ℃) faster.

The gold melting furnace is likewise highly efficient, cost-effective and also it consumes much less energy. Just concerning 3.5–45 kW of electricity is required for melting regarding 1–10kg gold (silver, copper as well as various other non-ferrous steels).

Unlike various other heating systems on the market. These could additionally be operated for 24 hours nonstop.

When compared with standard furnaces. These heating systems could endure a great deal of heat without creating any type of damages to the heater.

The gold melting machine are also developed with a powerful heat sources. These heat resources can melting both ferrous and also non-ferrous metals in split secs.

Cdocast Induction melting furnace in gold melting kilns have noteworthy advantages. Warm originates from the cost itself, so no burning gas, also have high-performance mixers. These allow the homogeneity of your items as well as they too provides touch of quality to your!

About Cdocast:

Cdocast researches, designs and manufactures Metal Melting,Casting $ Heat

treatig machines. For over 15 years, Cdocast has expanded to over eight factories

that deal in Gold l Melting Furnace, Metal Casting Machine & Metal Heat

treatment Machine.