Love Yourself First

You are not being selfish if the person you love best is yourself. And you are not treading too far from reality if you only want to give your heart to someone who will love you in a way that is not too far from the way you love yourself. And you are not asking for too much if you only want a career that will speak to you and make you love yourself more.

You will always go as far as you can take yourself and you can’t take yourself too far if you don’t really love yourself.

Getting what you want in life is more about getting what you are to life. And if you don’t love yourself enough to always sit with yourself for long, you will never find out who you truly are and where exactly you truly belong in life.

I know you want to be a successful you, but that starts with seeing the you in you and going for what speak to you. I know everyone has been saying you should go for what you love but I will only tell you to do what will make you love you more. Don’t do what could expose the worst in you but instead, do what will bring out the best in you.

If for the lack of what you want you go for what you have, it’s very possible you’ll come back crying for what you’ve always wanted that you could have gotten if you didn’t go away with what you had.

Let it first be about you. Put yourself first. If people are saying you are selfish for putting yourself first, just relax. They will soon be praising your generosity when you start being a blessing to them for getting the best out of yourself.

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