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Everything you want to know about cooler.

So, exactly what is cooler?

cooler is a GIF-based conversation platform (comprised of an iOS app, a website, and an API) for talking about TV shows, films, and other media.

cooler is a mobile app that lets you make a GIF or meme from any moment of any TV show, with just the tap of a button.

Our mission is to make talking about TV on social media better — by allowing our users and their friends, followers, and fans to freely discuss, recap and debate their favorite shows even though they’re watching them at completely different times.

Spoilers bad. cooler good.

What’s a “take?”

Twitter has tweets. On cooler, we have takes.

It’s like when your friend asks “Hey, what’s your take on last night’s show?”

A take is a reaction to a specific moment of a TV show. Most takes take the form of an animated GIF plus a comment. Or a still image + comment.

Every cooler take can be saved to your camera roll as a GIF or video, and can be shared to text message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, email, etc. You can also embed them in blog posts, medium articles, and websites.

Every cooler take has a corresponding URL that lives on the cooler website, where you can like, comment, or share them even without using the app.

How do I use cooler?

There are two ways to use cooler:

Sync mode

Sync mode is for when you’re actively watching a show. Tap the cooler bear to listen to what you’re watching and take you right to that moment of the episode timeline. In sync mode, you can see and comment on takes from your friends or other fans — they’ll appear in real time with the show, as long as you’re in sync mode. In active mode, you can create a take from the moment you’re watching.

Recap mode

Recap mode is for when you’ve already seen an episode. Navigate to the shows tab and select the show and episode you want to explore. From there, you can browse through the full episode timeline and see takes from friends and fellow fans. In recap mode, you can create a take from any moment of the episode.

How do I make a take?

When you’re in an episode timeline, just tap the red plus button to launch the GIF-creator. Use the slider to adjust your beginning and end points. Add meme text and/or a caption to make it your own. Then tap create to finish your masterpiece. Your take will appear in the episode timeline as well as on your profile.

Why isn’t my favorite show available on cooler?

Because we didn’t know it was your favorite show.

We add shows based on popular demand. So if you have a show to suggest, open your app, scroll to the bottom of your shows feed, and submit your request.

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