Am I Still a Conservative?
Jay W. Cobb

I appreciate your thoughtful essay. You were doing well right up until the end. Have you ever considered rethinking the items that are in your words “conservative religion”:

“But I still want limited government because that’s the way to economic prosperity.” (I have never seen proof of this.)

“I still want national security.” (In a nuclear world, we could spend far less on blowing up other nations, every other nation does. We spend more than any other nation, in fact more than the next 8 nations on the list combined. Defense is an export industry because we manufacture 90% of the stuff to send outside the country. Healthcare and education are examples of domestic expenditures, 90% of the money stays here, so is more beneficial to the economy and nation.)

“I have not suddenly decided that abortion is okay.” (I think we can all agree abortion is not OK. It is OK for you to decide this for your own body. It is not OK for you to try to force your views on others, especially since everyone's circumstances differ. Remember that thing called individual rights? Having the right to make your own medical decisions is one one of the most basic human rights.)

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