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Join us at the 5TH ANNUAL INDOOR AG-CON, LAS VEGAS, MAY 3–4, 2017, at STAND 747, and get to know how this amazing city can be a self sustainable producer of local, fresh and delicious salads, all year round and using 90% less water without pesticides nor herbicides.

1st presentation of in/store at the world’s biggest retail trade show — EuroShop 2017.


Every crop planted inside this intelligent and intuitive machine is controlled with CoolFarm technology, providing the highest quality and traceability at every step from seed to fork.

CASINOS, HOTELS, LOCAL GROWERS, FOOD DISTRIBUTORS, GROCERY AND SUPERMARKET CHAINS, are now able to produce what they need and when they need it, minimizing the food waste, cutting all transportation costs and the carbon foot print.


We are an international team of horticulturists and biologists; software and hardware engineers; web, mobile and product designers; marketing and business experts; that together are creating intelligent solutions for the indoor farming needs.

CoolFarm test site in London, UK. GrowUp Urban Farms.

With horizontal, vertical and aquaponic test sites, our company is able to deliver to the growers a robust control system ( thought for them and focused on crops, improving the efficiency of the production and increasing the profitability of the farm.

After 3 years studying the market of urban indoor farming, we came across some important issues that we were recently able to overcome with the development of CoolFarm IN/STORE.

No more risk of contamination; no more stairs to climb; no more time spent on seeding or harvesting!

CoolFarm IN/STORE is the turnkey solution to grow local, fresh, nutritious and delicious food all year round with minimum waste and maximum safety! The system is automatic from A to Z, it is customizable, modular, meaning that it is highly scalable, both vertically and horizontally, providing a quick return of investment.

The system has two columns of movable hydroponic growing beds, one vertical lift, a fertigation system, topnotch sensors to measure all the variables concerning the plants, LED grow lights, CoolFarm in/control system and an antechamber.

The trays come to the operator by elevators, and the contact with the interior of the machine is inexistent. The interface is super intuitive.

Boxes with seeds inside are available for a ready-to-sell action!

Prices & Payback

Prices start at $180 per square feet and decrease with the number of modules installed in a growing facility i.e. a cluster option becomes cheaper since you’ll just need one feed of water, nutrients, one in/control system, one set of pumps, etc. We also offer leasing and renting options.

Take a look at the excellent ROI period that can be achieved with CoolFarm in/Store: using a one module example, in a 1000 square feet unit growing basil, the machine payback is achieved in less than 1 year: 550 pounds per month of produce correspond to $1600 per month in operational costs and can lead to $20.500 per month in direct sells.

Ask us for the profitability and payback numbers according to what you want to grow, where you want to grow and to who you want to sell to!

With the current agricultural paradigm broken, population booms inside cities and the unstoppable climate change, it is our mission to create new and sustainable solutions to feed the planet! Can´t wait to meet you at the 5TH ANNUAL INDOOR AG-CON, LAS VEGAS, MAY 3–4, 2017, at STAND 747.

João Igor, CoolFarm Co-Founder and Head of Communication and Design., +351 918313860.

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in/store prototype at EuroShop 2017.