Photo (from the left to the right, around the table): Andrew Hodson (GrowUp Finance and Business Development Advisor), Kate Hofman (GrowUp CEO), Tom Webster (GrowUp COO), Gonçalo Cabrita (CoolFarm CEO), João Igor (CoolFarm CDO), Liliana Marques (CoolFarm CAO).

Changing the Way We Grow Food in Cities

CoolFarm has the pleasure to start working with GrowUp Urban Farms to improve the efficiency of aquaponic and vertical growing technologies, aiming to create the most advanced control system focused on plants, fish, growers and people´s needs.

In 2013 GrowUp made a successful Kickstarter campaign presenting to the world “The GrowUp Box”, a small-scale agricultural production unit as well as a space for events and community engagement. They supplied local restaurants in the UK with delicious herbs, salads, microgreens and tilapia, proving that it is possible to produce high quality food in cities at a commercial-scale and in an ecologically sustainable way, caring about people, business and the environment impact reduction.

Nowadays they have the London´s first commercial aquaponic farm, producing more than 20,000 kg of sustainable salads and herbs (enough for 200,000 salad bags) and 4,000 kg of fish each year, showing one more time that it is possible to do good and make profit.

We are amazed with their work so far and we want to sincerely thank all GrowUp team, starting with the founders Tom Webster and Kate Hofman, because they are really changing the way how food is grown and distributed in cities, and CoolFarm has the opportunity to be part of this journey since today.

GrowUp commercial aquaponic farm photos:
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