CoolFarm attends the biggest international retail fair — EuroShop 2017 in Germany

Photo by João Igor. EuroShop 2017.

EuroShop is an international fair with 50 years of history, aimed specifically at the retail sector. It takes place in the city of Dusseldorf, Germany, every 3 years. This year’s edition received over 113,000 visitors and 2,368 exhibitors, thus continuing to be the leading international fair in this sector.

EuroShop visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted, first hand, with the latest concepts and end products for the best shopping experience ever. Physical stores find in EuroShop all the reasons to reinvent themselves, do more and better, giving their clients unique experiences and leading them to buy products with a lower hesitation rate. Outdoor and indoor advertising, marketing tools, state-of-the-art technologies, lighting design, storefront design, architecture and decoration of commercial spaces, as well as the most efficient ways to sell food, is what can be seen in the 18 EuroShop pavilions. In this way, nobody can be indifferent to the emotional games felt in the fair’s 127,000 square meters. There, we want to buy everything, we want to stay.

It was unquestionably a remarkable event for CoolFarm as it allowed us to show the world, and for the first time, our latest turnkey solution for local fresh vegetable production: CoolFarm in/store. It’s an intuitive, intelligent and automatic system, with a clean and climatized environment inside, perfect to provide the ideal conditions for the growth of high quality microgreens, leafy greens, herbs, flowers, and for the germination of plants. This system uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture and dispenses the use of pesticides and herbicides. It consists of modules that start with about 100 square meters of production area, but can be easily increased both vertically and horizontally, providing a quick return on investment to its buyers.

In the CoolFarm stand we literally welcomed the entire world. We had the opportunity to create new business opportunities with the CoolFarm in/store, in a natural and motivating way, with designers, architects and interior decorators; restaurant and hotel managers; leaders of supermarket chains and food producers, among others. Nobody just passed by our stand, everyone stopped and realized the impact we are having on urban agriculture.

For retail it was clear that CoolFarm in/store solves three major problems: it cuts transport costs of vegetables and its carbon footprint; supplies living food locally (keeping all its flavour and nutritional value); and drastically reduces waste. Regarding the in-store experience, it was consensual among EuroShop visitors that CoolFarm in/store is an excellent showcase, capable of showing the consumer what he wants to know before making his purchase. From seed to harvest, CoolFarm in/store offers absolute and unique transparency. With CoolFarm technology the plant gets what it needs and when it needs it, without any risk of external contamination.

CoolFarm in/store’s success began on the first day of EuroShop, where we soon secured many business commitments with end clients, distribution channels and agents. All this happened alongside Digidelta, New Solution and Brand Digital, other Portuguese companies also producing innovative and inspiring solutions. This is living proof that Portugal is focused on exports, competing with the best in the world in what is perhaps the largest consumer market there is and therefore one of the most tangible we can mention.

In 2020 we will undoubtedly return to EuroShop, presenting new results, new solutions, always improving those that are the main requirements for our existence and for the world we live in: producing healthy, tasty, and environmentally sustainable food.

João Igor, Lisbon, March 22 of 2017. 
Co-founder of CoolFarm. Head of Corporate Design and Communication.