Startup CoolFarm increases customer data management with IBM SoftLayer

CoolFarm, a Portuguese startup operating in the Smarter Food and in the greenhouse sustainable agriculture area, has signed a cloud partnership with IBM. The agreement entitles CoolFarm to use the IBM SoftLayer cloud in order to enhance its own architecture and IT environment. Taking this step, CoolFarm wants to increase and improve its ability to handle and manage customer data more easily in the cloud.

CoolFarm was founded with the idea of taking advantage of high-end technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to be able to provide agricultural sector customers with a more flexible control system. This system was meant to be easily applicable to all agricultural sensors available on the market, which serve to create, collect and analyze data in different types of indoor cultivation spaces, like vertical and horizontal greenhouses and warehouses, in order to optimize the indoor farming conditions.

In fact, with CoolFarm’s own system, CoolFarm Brain, farmers can connect all sensors in an integrated system, according to their needs. It enables them to collect all essential data in a quick and simple way and to have them immediately available. All the data are managed in the cloud and can be evaluated either in online or offline mode, via smartphones, tablets or computer.

More specifically, CoolFarm is not only a platform by an IoT solution with sensors — they even created a new sensor image based (CoolFarm Eye) and communications with the platform in order to create data, collect it and analyze it in order to optimize the indoor farming conditions.

This primary sensor recognizes and analyzes the plants’ development and growth, allowing the farmers to take more assertive and informed decisions on how to proceed.

To move forward with this project, CoolFarm needed to make use of a reliable and secure cloud platform without making large initial investments. The agreement with IBM includes access to IBM SoftLayer that provides users with enhanced scalability capabilities and a more integrated, innovative and personalized experience.

The crucial differentiator between IBM SoftLayer and competing solutions (over the competition) is undoubtedly the possibility of renting Bare Metal machines — and this was undoubtedly the decisive factor for us. The CoolFarm runs machine learning algorithms in the cloud, and the ability to run these algorithms in a Bare Metal machine with graphical acceleration analyses was what convinced us.

Stated Gonçalo Cabrita, Founder and CEO of CoolFarm.

Text from IBM press release, June, 2016.