Finding Influence Close

At this very moment in your life, who influences you the most? For some time I had a standard boring set of answers for that.

The luminaries as Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Arthur C Clark were my standard answers. However I increasing found that this was simply not enough of kick for me. Slowely I realised that there was an individiual I could take much more from. The truth that was before me was exciting but also in retrospect saddening.

The realisation that one is not the person who was 10–15 years ago is obvious but depressing. It was acutely depressing for me for realising I had so much more dreams, hope and crazy ambition back then. I wanted to rule the world. The teenage boy I was, lapped in the stories of Bill, Steve and a favourite author Arthur C Clark and envisioned reaching heights greater if not similar to them. A teenage boy who did not want anything to get in his way to achieve that, only to find ones own mind maturing to the realities of this world putting a pause for the dreams.

I believe if anything I should tap into that teenage boy for inspiration than simply paying homage to the greats of our industry.

Though I would tread this path rather cautiously. I am talking about a boy that wanted to be James Bond (or failing that, a master of the art as Sir Nigel featured in most Fredrik Forsyths fiction) at a point of time, we don’t want to be crazy as that. Or maybe I should?