Vervid: Mobile Video That Doesn’t Suck

Building the Largest Media Company in the World from the Ground Up


Mobile Video is one of the last great frontiers. Whoever wins will have a chance to control the most profitable content on the largest distribution platform in the world.

We are placing our bet on Vervid to do just that.

We are not oracles. Our philosophy is simple — invest in and work with great people who are building awesome world changing products.

For the past 6 weeks we’ve been working with Vervid — a company in our 3rd Cohort at Coolhouse Labs.

Each one of our 18 investments are like our children. We don’t pick favorites, but today is a special day. Today is the day that Vervid is launching to the world so we are going to take some time to talk about the amazing team and what they are up to.

We love Vervid. We love the team and we love what they’ve spent the past year building. We think the world will love it too.

But if we are being honest, when we were first introduced to Vervid this spring we didn’t know what to think. That changed when we got to take a look at the product, and we knew that John and Daniel were on to something.

Vervid was built around one beautifully simple idea. Video on your mobile phone doesn’t have to suck. It doesn’t have to disappear. It can be longer than 6 seconds. It doesn’t have to be grainy and haphazard.

There are nearly 2 billion people walking around with super computers in their pockets that shoot 1080p. At no point in human history has it been easier to capture the world in sight, motion, and sound.

Vervid was built to help you share those stories with the world. It gives you powerful tools to capture, edit, and share. It’s built a platform to help you find and consume great content. It has a built in social layer that creates instant feedback loops. You will get hooked.

The Hope of Mobile Video

Ok so that is a bit of hyperbole, but bear with us for a second with a short story on something we do everyday: story telling.

We’ve been telling stories throughout the entirety of human history, and the evolution for how we share those stories has remained constant.

Spoken Word — The OG, the thing we do every day around dinner tables over drinks, at the office.

Written Word — This thing you are currently reading. Popped up around 5000 years ago. Has really stuck around.

Images — Static capturing of moments in time. They do a pretty great job at it though.

Video — The pinnacle. The power of sight, motion, and sound. Only been around for a little of 100 years.

Our theory is simple. Video is the most powerful medium but it is the hardest to create great content.

The power of Instagram is that it makes it simple anyone can snap a photo add a filter and bam — interesting content. Video is hard. Up until this point sight, motion, and sound has mostly been left to the professionals.

Vervid is here to change all of that.

Why Vervid?

It’s simple. Vervid is a giant leap forward. Not a marginal leap built around slightly pushing the boundaries. A platform 100% built for your mobile world that gives you the holy trifecta.

Powerful yet easy to use tools for content creation — With Vervid you now have powerful editing tools right at the tip of your fingers that are so easy to use anyone can be a great content creator.

A platform to share that content with the world and with your social network — A social community with feedback loops. Tapping into everyones inner ego about how they want to share their lives with the world.

A platform to discover and engage with new content — Discover content creators all over the world. Hashtags, channels, and trending content.

Last but not least Vervid has built in commerce from the start. Turn merchant tools on and each piece of content you create becomes a call to action.

Building the Largest Media Company in the World

If you wanted to build the largest media company in the world from scratch starting today, you would build a mobile video platform. It’s the most profitable content, on the largest distribution platform in the world. No one owns the space.

Vervid has a long long long way to go to fulfill that promise, but you have to start somewhere, and we are excited to be with them on that journey.

Vervid is launching today on the Apple App Store. Download it. Create a burst. Shoot some video, and share your story with the world.

Download Vervid