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We hear the words all over the media… “Global Warming”.

When we hear global warming, it is often referring to to climate change caused by humans and the fossil fuels not only burnt, but trapped in the ozone layer. Climate change is not a new issue, the temperature of the earth has fluctuated many times in the past.

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Today started as an ordinary day, showered, then one of the best parts of the day, the morning coffee. This is usually drunk while responding to emails, following up university projects and checking notifications on various social media pages such as Medium, Quora, and Facebook.

Upon opening my laptop I was greeted with a Facebook notification which showed the following post. Granted, it is intended to be dark humour, and I do admit I chuckled a little but then it got me thinking.

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Science usually make the impossible, possible, and I know cloning has crossed every person’s mind at one point or another.

Even to the extent of having a miniature T-Rex as a pet for others. So can movies of the likes of Jurassic Park really come true?

It breaks my heart to say, unfortunately, we will never see a fossil of a dinosaur come to life.

These are a few issues that make this realty out of reach by a fingertip length

1. DNA has a tendency to break its hydrogen bonds as it degrades

DNA has a half-life of approximately 521 years when left be. This means DNA will be 50% degraded come 521 years from now. The reason is when the cell dies, enzymes are released, especially nuclease whose job is to degrade DNA. This means DNA will last approximately 6.8 million years under the ideal conditions. Even with that time span, researchers state that after 1.5 …

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Most science disciplines with the help of other disciplines cure multiple diseases, for example, biochemistry and pharmacology will devolve drugs that may be used as a intervention tool or to cure. Immunology and microbiology may utilise bacteriophage to cure certain infections.

Thanks to the tool knows as CRISPR cas-9, short for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic, genetics may be a one stop shop for many cures. Really it makes sense right, when looking at diseases, look at the lowest level (DNA).


“The development of efficient and reliable ways to make precise, targeted changes to the genome of living cells is a long-standing goal for biomedical researchers.” …

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I disembark from my bed,

Eager to start my day.

I make my way through the house,

I was stopped.

There She sat,

A gleaming seductress tempting me,

Seeking to peruse my deepest desires.

Our eyes lock and for a moment time stands,

I approach with hesitation.

What will she think,

My eyes surrounded with darkness.

Darker than the deepest pits know to man,

Darker than the night its self.

I take a step closer,

My eyes shine a little brighter.

I take another step,

It seems my advances are welcomed,

I reach out and grasp the clothes she needs.

The handle is…

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Its not often that you will see science and destroy within the same sentence. Its quite oxyymoronic.

I am a Molecular Genetics and Biotech student and i do love it, but if i could go back in time i would say to myself:


Now, don’t get me wrong i absolutely love the course and what i am learning is amazing. I not only feel privileged, but also honoured at the opportunity.


Here’s why:

My course covers a range of disciplines as a sound understand of not only the physical organism level, such as humans, but also the molecular level is required. …

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Everyday I am exposed to the science industry my mind is blown by some fact that I stumble across. There is not one day that you won’t my jaw to the floor, shocked by the effort of the scientific community.

The best part?

Many science disciplines are crossing and overlapping causing double efficiency when conducting research. This cross-reference also allows for the magic to come true.

In today's society, one of the greatest technological feats will be the introduction of nanobots and their acceptance by the general population.

The countless lives that could be saved using them in medical procedures. The number of diseases that can be prevented. Doctors will no longer examine you from the outside, rather from the inside. Surgery will occur at a molecular level remotely allowing less damage and “hit and miss” methods. Treatment will no longer be restricted to drugs, rather bots carrying the necessary nutrients and repair kit required by the cells. …

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You hear the diagnoses all the time from your doctor.

“Mr Smith I believe you have the flew, go home, rest for a few days, and it will go away”

We are told this frequently yet many of us take the doctors assumption(which is usually right) and proceed to get on with our day. It has always fascinated me how many people say “I have got the flu, but its OK because i’m going to the doctors today to get antibiotics”. My response

“…….o.k if you say so….”

(in case you didn't understand, antibiotics is for bacterial infections, influenza is a virus, they will not work.) …

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(Part 1): “What are we talking about?” ……….(Part 2): History of this method

(Part 3): How does it work?.…….……….…..(Part 4): Pros and cons


I’m no computer scientist, this is not my field of study nor any part of my knowledge is geared towards computers.


There is a shift within the computer storage industry that has been gaining momentum since 2013. Since the emergence of a simple Bitcoin competition within the scientific community, a public fight between the giants of the data storage world.

For once the computer world will not be run by computer experts. There will be shared glory between computer expertise/ industry leaders, and the molecular science community. …

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Sometimes you come across books that really hit you. You think “wow that was intense”, while sitting so far down your chair that if a breeze was present you would fall on your face.

These books created these moments for me

  1. The Barefoot Investor- Scott Pape


Corey M Forsyth

1st year Biomedical Science Mentor. Just a regular man looking to make the world a better place using science . Contact:

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