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How to travel to Kobe city

I recommend how to suggest Kobe city. There are many ways to go, here I will introduce how to travel by Shinkansen (from Tokyo, Shin-Osaka), how to travel by domestic airways (Haneda) and how to travel by international air (international airport Kansai).

■ Shinkansen (from Tokyo station)
From Tokyo to Kobe city (Sannomiya station) with the fastest Shinkansen about 3 hours.
From Shin-Osaka to Kobe city (Sannomiya station) with Shinkansen about 20 minutes. If the railway is still used, it takes about 40 minutes.

■ Domestic airways (Haneda airport)
From Haneda Airport to Kobe Airport takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Since it is located near Itami airport, I recommend you use Itami airport with lots of flights. From Itami airport you can go about 1 hour.

■ International air route (Kansai International Airport)
If you are from overseas, you can use Kansai International Airport. From Kansai International Airport you can take the train for more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. In addition to the train, there is a “Bay Shuttle” high-speed train connecting Kansai International Airport and Kobe Airport.

If you don’t know the route, go to maps driving directions


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