December 15, 2027

[ Author Note : This is a fictitious short story or narrative essay that I scribbled down during my free time at school. Hope you like it :) ]

“Wake up!” My metallic dad screamed in his own language of zeroes and ones. I woke up after my alarm’s seventh snooze, stretching my limbs lazily on the cozy bed. Stifling a yawn, I walked to the bathroom and freshened myself up. After wearing a gray track pant with a black-collared t-shirt, I tied my hair into a messy ponytail. Soon I started to help my black sock find its lost love. Once I was done helping my friend find my foe, I tip-toed down the stairs, careful not to walk up my exasperating roommate. As I finished tying my shoe-lace, I grabbed my phone and walked out, closing the front door gently.

The moment I stepped out, I was greeted by the embrace of a cold morning breeze. “Should’ve brought my hoodie!” I muttered, walking slowly. I hugged my body and looked up. The sky looked ash in color and the sun wasn’t even playing peek-a-boo with me, like it did everyday. I turned to the left at the cross roads and continued to walk further, increasing my pace.

The whole of New York city was in a death like sleep. That thought gave me an unreasonable thought, the Fairy Tale of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. That thought triggered another stupid thought of how I wished I could sleep in for a long time. I face-palmed myself and continued to walk. Looking up again, I now saw the crowns of the sky-scarpers shielded by thick fog.

Soon, I felt a little warmth that got me back to normal. I gradually turned my walk into a jog. My helium ball was now playing hide and seek from me from high above. I entered the central park as the guard opened up the gates. I plugged in my earphones and played ‘I’m in love with a Monster’, as I started to circle the perimeter in a steady pace.

Flakes of snow had adorned the leaves of Maple trees above and on the green lawn below. Traffic lights flickered on and I saw an old lady, already off to work. People were entering the park for their morning walk, but I was already done with ten laps and adrenaline was pumping through my body which I wanted to save for work. I started my way back home, listening to ‘Sexy and I know it’. As I passed my neighbor who was out in the porch, busy reading yesterday’s newspaper, he peeked to look at me and I sang the song out loud making him to hide his face behind the paper.

I smirked, shaking my head at him, entering my home. Refreshing myself, I dressed into a set of formal clothes and grabbed an apple, heading out with my bag.

I stood outside, now least affected by the cold weather with my warm coat on. Dialing my assistance’s number in Goldman Sachs, wanting to check on about the term sheet for the resort deal. As soon as she picked up, my Uber ride had arrived. I sat inside to look at my neighbor staring at me with an amused look. I smirked at him and he hid his face behind the same old paper again but with the new paper beside him this time.

Continuing to talk on call, my eyes scanned everything the car passed. Now at 9:00 a.m., the sun was grinning wide at me. The sky-scrapers were reaching to kiss the nearly-clear sky.

I walked into the tall office building and entered my cubicle. Leaning against the window frame, I watched the once lonely street turn busy. Crystal flakes of snow dotted the glass and I sat on my seat, a smile playing on my lips.

I happened to notice the digital calendar on my desk displayed the wrong date. Sipping some hot chocolate from my cup, I corrected the imperfection to ‘December 15, 2027’.