Me doing Business?

Yes, to the people who want to know if I picked the commerce subjects for grade 11 and 12. Also, the subjects do not include math. Wouldn’t all the judgmental people in this country would mock because isn’t this class where dumb kids study? No, you’re wrong. Turns out that my classmates are pretty smart. We are ‘street smart’ mostly and isn’t that what is required in today’s world?

Let me tell you why I am writing this article. My school has an Entrepreneurship Fest happening on the Entrepreneurship Day, November the 3rd. The students get into teams and we run a small-scale business. A business that earns us profit out of any business idea that we conceive. I was absent on the day when these details had been shared and when I did get back, I was flooded with information. So, it turned out I was part of the group and we had to pick our CEO, CFO and COO from among 17 of us.

Turning out to be the CEO, which I am not sure if I am anymore, I couldn’t stop coming up with ideas. The guys from my team wanted to let people play video games that are really popular right now, for a particular amount. The girls wanted to sell food and accessories.

All of this sounds fine to me but I wasn’t satisfied then and I am still not content with this idea.

This was because every other business you spot operating on this day is going to be one of these things. It is not going to be anything out of the blue. Everyone would procure and sell goods, some might produce them and sell them off. It seemed very ordinary to me that day and so I decided to come talk to mom. Mom and Dad are the first people I would love talking to if I want to discuss anything related to Business. I asked her to tell me ideas because I wanted my business to be the best. Who wouldn’t?

She told me she needed time to think and I was impatiently explaining to her about everything that we have already planned to do. Mom asked me what I knew about Business. I told her things I knew from sitting in Vish’s ( CEO of Forge Accelerator’s) talks. Complaining that the text book knowledge is really not useful, I blurted out the definition of Business that I knew by heart because I had to learn it for a test.

‘Business refers to those economic activities, which are connected with production, purchase and sale of goods or supply of services with the main object of earning profit.’

That’s when this lightning bolt of an idea struck my stupid mind. ‘Sales of goods or supply of services’. Immediately I told my mom that it wasn’t necessary for you to just sell goods to run a business, but you can also render services and that I wanted to do advertising.

Before she asked me how, I told her that I wanted to advertise the businesses of my fellow schoolmates and gain money out of it. I wanted to run a small-scale advertising company, not ‘on’ Nov 3 but ‘for’ Nov 3.

Then I realized it would also be ‘B2B’ and not ‘B2C’ like all those other businesses. (Business to Business. Business to Consumer.)

My mom then put forward a ‘w’ word which itself is a question. ‘WHY?’

She wanted to know why I so excited about an idea that popped into my head out of Tomorrow-land. Advertising and Marketing was innovative and very creative. They were subjects that concerned my liking though humanity sciences is something I’m inclined towards. I loved design thinking, communication and various other factors that a good marketing/advertising agency would comprise of. It was my territory, mate. That made the idea more appealing to myself.

My idea sounded so amazing that I couldn’t wait to tell people. Pitching this idea to my teammates or associates or partners, I did not get the reaction I was expecting. They have no faith in my idea and are not ready to implement it. They are very doubtful about it and it upset me a lot. No one believed my idea would work.

I worked like a promoter for myself and tried to understand if all the boxes could be checked if I ran around with this idea. Thanks to my work, it did. It was useful, usable and practically feasible.

No one is ready to put in the effort with me to make this work. Not one person has faith in my idea to help make this work. All that is very understandable because, it’s all mine, right?

That’s why I know I want to make this work with my efforts. It will be MY work and I can enjoy the full credit for it.

I am not sure if this might work next week.

All I know is this is my idea. I have a business idea which will turn into a plan.

Also that I can do Business.