Fintech startup leverages innovative tech to drive value proposition for mature-age team members

SYDNEY: Top-rated rated Fintech startup, an independent offshoot of the Big4Bank group announced Friday a radical new proposal for their valued, mature, team members. Starting later this year, the company will offer their workers at the upper range of the age scale — 45 and over — the chance to be cryogenically frozen, ready for re-animation later, in a yet-to-be-identified future phase of the tech revolution.

Sir Barrington Topps, CEO of Big4Bank and sponsor of EvenMoreWealth, personally introduced the initiative, at a business breakfast attended by regional thought-leaders and the media. Sir Barrington stated that the programme would allow the targeted group a chance to re-emerge into the workplace in a distant future, where they could once again fully engage in the creation of value. Sir Barrington, 72, emphasised that the programme was entirely voluntary, but he encouraged those on the ‘grey hair’ side of maturity to take part.

“This will give them a real chance,” stressed Sir Barrington, “to escape the negative stereotyping and unfortunate prejudice of today’s youth-obsessed hi-tech marketplace. This will give them a chance to escape from the ridiculous weight of regulation that our human resources departments have to deal with, and the wholly unrealistic expectations of retirement which have been encouraged by unscrupulous agitators. This is an initiative that Big4Bank is proud to support and one in which we hope to bring to all areas of the bank, shortly.”

Although not mentioned by Sir Barrington, independent market analysts concede that the initiative will have other knock-on benefits to the bank, mainly related to Project Pressgang, their rapidly expanding internship and graduate programmes.

Work on the cryogenic freezer vaults, codename Project Canberra, was completed early last month, and according to the bank, the feedback from pilot trials has been excellent. The vaults support an innovative self-funding model, powered directly by the user’s own personal superannuation fund.

An alternate project, for ageing team members without sufficient superannuation funds, featuring bleeding-edge solar-powered ovens, is currently in public beta stage, awaiting approval from the regulators.

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