Well, if we take a look at what’s happening to the environment (rate of extinction, climate change…

Nothing wrong with being an optimist — please do continue.

And I prefer to think of myself as an optimist, too.

That’s because I believe people are powerful and people-power can and will build us a better future.

Your very informative link, is more focused on environmental pollution than on the existential crisis facing us from climate change, species extinction and the loss of wilderness areas. And I think we probably have differing views on free-market economics and how trickle-down doesn’t work.

However, that’s fine.

We need to be ready to consider other people’s views and debate rationally.

Robots will take over many messy, annoying and dirty jobs. That’s a certainty.

So, we need to look forward to a world where people will be empowered to live richer, more fulfilling lives.

There’ll be far fewer cars and trucks on the road, and they’ll be be safer and less polluting. We’ll get huge swathes of our cities back as won’t need enormous car parks. We could have gardens for the hungry, build homes for the homeless on those huge swathes of highway we simply won’t need.

Fossil fuels? Forget it. Keep them in the ground. No more oil spills. Get a grip on climate change. Efficient electric vehicles powered by solar are just around the corner (look, one’s coming with your pizza, right now).

Yes, the future can look very bright…