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This will be less “terrifying” than some posters fear, if the move to fossil-free transportation is combined with the switch to autonomous vehicles, as it undoubtedly will be. Rather than switching from one type of traffic congestion to another, there will actually be a need for far fewer vehicles overall, as our entire concept of vehicle ‘ownership’ and transportation changes. Use of vehicles will be much more efficient — as we’ll only use one when we actually need it — and won’t have to waste valuable urban space for parking. That reclaimed space could be turned into community gardens or parks… And give urban dwellers a badly needed taste of nature, or locally produced food.

We’ll need less roads, and they’ll be a lot safer, especially for cyclists.

However, there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, not least the need for human centred design for urban areas. For the last century, cities have been largely designed with cars in mind; now it’s time to turn that around and start designing cities for people.

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