Sort of Halfway
Sara Mauskopf

Hi Sara, we’ve never talked or met. Though technically we were colleagues briefly in 2013 at Twitter.

Sorry to hear what you are going through right now. I know the stress, the anger, and the occasional helpless feeling because I’ve just been through it in the past year, giving care to my mom who was very healthy as well.

There is nothing in the world as dreadful as it. Lots of it comes from the fact that why someone has Cancer is inexplicable, and why some survived and some not is also a mystery. Each person can only afford to try one treatment, because every minute not spent on killing cancer gives it chance to grow more. So that treatment better be as complete as possible.

When I ran out of readings on treatment and so did my mom’s doctor run out of ideas, I found a book called ‘Radical Remission’ which surveyed lots of survivors to find their commonalities. Several times I hoped I had read something like that earlier, so I could have added those alternative therapies to the treatment while it was still early. I wondered would it make a difference. One of the regrets I get now is not having tried everything.

Of course, scientific researches and breakthroughs were still the most promising ones. Maybe you already know but is a pretty good journal on some of the latests studies.

If there is one thing that I learned, that is everyone on earth is fighting cancer, either for oneself or for a family member. Even healthy people are constantly defending against cancer. So this is not a lonely journey though it’s an excruciating one.

I hope Eric beats Cancer. Be strong.

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