Five Reasons Why You Should Switch To Paper Tape

Why You Should Switch To Paper Tape

1. Can be recycled

Paper tape is a great alternative to regular packaging tapes if you want to help make the world greener. Why? Most paper tapes can be broken down and recycled. This is also true for reinforced paper tape.

2. How well you pack

Paper tape can make the average speed of packing go a lot faster. For example, the gummed paper tape needs a dispenser that will automatically moisten and cut the tape, giving you the right amount of tape every time. Not only does this stop you from using too much tape, which cuts down on waste, but it also speeds up the packing process. Now that’s getting things done quickly.

3. Tamper-evidence

A tamper-evident tape solution can help your business a lot when it comes to moving sensitive and expensive goods. It can help reduce the number of damaged returns, make handlers and consumers safer, and even stop people from doing bad things.

4. Temperature tolerance

Unlike plastic tapes, paper tapes can handle a wide range of temperatures very well (both hot and cold). This means that the seal won’t come loose when the temperature changes, so there will be fewer damaged returns.

5. Useful in every field

Paper tape is very useful and can be used in a wide range of fields. For example, the tamper-evidence feature keeps people from tampering with sensitive pharmaceuticals. The strength feature helps keep heavy automotive products safe, and the temperature tolerance feature keeps food and drinks at the right temperatures when they are packaged.



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