Announcing Coolomat Market Telegram Airdrop

Jun 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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For all our dearest supporters, we are having an airdrop, targeted at our Telegram users. There is nothing like a big community working together and we at Coolomat Market feel it’s time we share our success with the people who are making it happen.

1.500.000 tokens will be given away, valued at 150.000$ to anybody who joins our Telegram group and leaves a few messages. You can also earn extra rewards by inviting friends who will complete the same steps.

All you have to do is join our Telegram Group, sign up on our website and submit basic information, including your ERC20 wallet address and Telegram nickname so we can verify our members and eliminate possible spammers and scammers.

The airdrop tokens will be distributed after the sale has ended after which you will be able to trade them on popular exchanges.

In order to participate in our airdrop, follow these simple steps:

  • Follow us on our social media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Join our Telegram group
  • Sign up on our website
  • Provide your info including ERC20 wallet address and Telegram nickname
  • Receive 50 CMK tokens valued at 5$ at the end of sale
  • Refer a friend and get additional 10 CMK tokens valued at 1$ after they complete the same steps
  • Stay in our Telegram group and hang out at least until after the token sale.

You might ask what type of KYC is required to receive the free tokens?

As we are fully compliant with regulation, we require all our ICO investors to be put on whitelist and complete the full KYC check. Luckily for you though, this is not the case for airdrop recipients. You will need to sign up on the same website, but we require significantly less information from you than from our ICO investors.

For the sake of simplicity, if anybody decides to invest in ICO after, the whole KYC process is broken down into easy steps and it will enable you to complete the process fast and easy.

The number of tokens given away is limited so hurry up and make sure you don’t miss a chance.

The terms and conditions of the Airdrop can change slightly during the promotion.

For more information about Coolomat Market Telegram Airdrop, please visit our support section, read our Whitepaper and visit our Website.

Join us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and Instagram

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