Benefits Of Shadeports

Carports, shadeports and awnings provide shade cover for people and property in South Africa.

There are many benefits to having these products installed into your homes and businesses, as we are aware that sunlight contains harmful UV rays that are a health hazard to humans.

These products will make a property more attractive as we provide a wide range of colors and designs to choose.


Carports are long lasting protection for your parked vehicles. Leaving your car for hours in the sun will assist in the development of cracks on your dashboard, plus the wear and tear of materials that make up your car seat. Shadeports Johannesburg also protect your car from hail storms that can leave damaging results on your vehicle.


Shadeports is an affordable solution for protecting your cars and people. Car Shadeports Johannesburg can be used solely for protecting people from harmful sun rays as they can be installed in your garden and even by your pool area. Many people use shadeports on top of their pools for sun protection and the reduction of debris.


Awnings can be made of many different materials that will either retract or sit permanently in a fixed position. They can be setup in different places of your home and business to provide needed shade in different sections of your home. Popular examples include window cover and patio cover .