New technologies for Mobile UX/UI design testing

How can retailers and e-commerce businesses benefit from understanding what their customers see, feel and think beyond their conscious control?

Many economic theories based on rationality and that’s why they are obsolete. Now we know consumers think and behave irrationally, their decision-making process is far distant from a straightforward logic. Two Nobel prizes for behavioral economics has proven this*.

E-commerce businesses depend on irrational consumer behavior even more than offline companies. There are lots of conversion elements that can influence users’ behavior and e-commerce business incomes. That’s why advanced testing of UX/UI is becoming the vital issue for those who work in a digital world.

Tools such as eye tracking and emotion measurement online if used constantly can lift UX/UI research to a more advanced level. Eye tracking is a technology that allows you to observe viewing patterns and understand what a person is looking at, where attention goes. It is a quick and easy way to analyze how your target audience sees the website and to determine which elements work and which do not.

Emotion Measurement is the technology that allows you to capture all respondents’ reactions via facial coding. This tool helps you to output average result at each particular viewing time — if they are satisfied, unhappy, or they do not care. Having received this data, you will be able to cross-analyze data and discover which parts of your website is more engaging.


In CoolTool solution, they use cutting-edge AI-powered technologies and behavioral tools to allow gather deep insights based on nonconscious measurements. So users will discover and validate real drivers of users’ behavior. The CoolTool team developed eye-tracking that works via any webcam (it’s a unique solution on the market) and can be used even on a smartphone.

Moreover, you can measure 8 basic consumer emotions (delight, surprise, neutral, negative, skeptical, sadness, disgust, fear) simultaneously with tracking your website visitors’ eye movement. It’s the fastest and the easiest way to understand how people interact with a website or an app installed on their mobile devices, how much convenient is it for them to browse and make purchases at the website or via the app, etc.

The platform allows cross-analyzing such metrics as Fixation count and duration, Time to the first fixation, Time from the first click to notice, Time to complete, Fixations count before click, Emotions timeline, Click participants count, etc. to get more accurate consumer insights. Except for improving website conversion rate and optimizing customers’ experiences, these tools also can be used for creating catchy ad campaigns, successful rebranding.

*An irrational choice: behavioral economist wins Nobel Prize (2017) —
The Rise of Behavioral Economics: A Perspective from Daniel Kahneman’s Work 2002

By the way, in the near future, CoolTool will perform digital and absolutely amazing solutions for UX/UI professionals. App Analysis and Mobile Website Usability tools will let every UX/UI specialist get great insights fast and easily.

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