it made me extremely proud to be an American. Moreso than I have been in eight years.
I don’t consider myself a “proud American” because most of the places I travel, that’ll get you…
Nathan Snyder

Since the time frame of this statement aligns with the current presidential term (not exactly, but colloquially) it prompts a bit of disappointment to think that people are still under the impression that the current president’s administration is the the originator of an overwhelming amount of paradigm changing policies. In the context of the topic of this article, however, the administration has favored gun control.

The way violence is executed is very much an effect, as opposed to a cause. Firearms are more of a “how” violence gets executed as opposed to a “why” it happens. I don’t think that mental health is an overall scapegoat, but the idea that this current presidential administration is the cause speaks to the pain (and maybe fear) that every day people are feeling.

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