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Today we are pleased to announce a new mobile Telos and EOS wallet for Android and Apple. This first version is basic and has been built to make it really simple for anyone to experience the most powerful blockchain in the world. To get started;

  1. Head over to your app store and download the app.

Android :

Apple :

2. Start up the application and choose “create account”. You can choose any account name you like provided;

  • That account name has not already been used on the blockchain.

Please note : We have not made a big fuss about backing up your account keys but you will lose your account forever if you lose your keys. Take the time to learn how to back up your keys so you can recover your account one day when you lose your phone (or even transfer your account to another device or application). Find out how to back up your keys here :

If you would like to find out a bit more about Telos be sure to check out ACORN ( ACORN cost nothing and are an ideal way to learn how to manage your Telos account and well … just have fun!

For more on Telos please visit the Telos Foundation website on

Enjoy and welcome to Telos.

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