Being in the Right Mind

Being in the right mind, in the right place for once is enlightening. Understanding that what you thought was life was wrong. That He is in control one hundred percent of the time and no one else.

No matter how much you think you are, you aren’t. How ever much you want to be in charge controlling your life, it just doesn’t go as planned. It gets frustrating sometimes, but other times it’s relieving. Always wanting to live for Him is hard. Sometimes you honestly don’t. You try to take charge and for a little while it works, but then you crumble and go back. Even if that little while is years you still come back. Like Israelites throughout the Old Testament we want to rebel and handle things our own way. That’s not how it works. Inevitably and rightly so, things go into His hands(even though they never left).

Following His ways and being obedient to him isn’t easy. He didn’t say it would be. He did promise though, that He would be there every step of the way. That He would guide us and never leave us or forsake us. He died so that we could live eternally glorifying the Father. By His saving grace He is with us.