The Expanse

The trees slowing, now turning, the trees pick up speed again. Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, we enter the rat race, seventy, eighty, the trees whirr by on one side cars whizz on the other. I stare out the window. A car pulls along on the left ever so slowly leaving us behind. I see a girl my age in the back, I wave as she goes off into the expanse ahead. The music plays through the headbuds quietly at the back of my brain. The tires buzz underneath making a dull noise. I focus on a pasture with cattle, I count ten chewing grass and three lying down, gone, out of view within the half minute. I lay my head back and close my eyes allowing the music to come to the front of my brain.

I drift off allowing it to take over, slowly falling into oblivion, into the expanse

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