Why Being Inexperienced and Young Doesn’t Help Getting a Job


In order to get a job you need experience, but in order to get experience, you need a job.

The cycle is broken only when you get experience pertaining to that job outside of a job or some one sticks there neck out and chooses to invest in you. Examples of gaining experience not in a job are learning to plumb with your dad or roof a house with him, learning trades and skills to increase your value. Having someone stick their neck out for you and investing in you is slightly harder in most cases. You need credability and show promise in order to seem as a wise choice to your employer. You can smooth talk them and try to appeal to them and show them you know how to talk. You can also just be hard working and show them that. There’s also the option of padding and lying about your resume which will inevitably get you fired and blackballed by the company in a very quick manner. This doesn’t help your credability or reputation.