Sylius Week in Lille: meetup, workshop and much more!
Sep 14, 2018 · 4 min read

Identifying the best e-commerce solution can be a difficult choice thanks to the wide range of existing solutions available. For two years now, a framework is standing out from the rest: Sylius.

Sylius is an Open Source e-commerce framework based on Symfony. Released under the MIT license, Sylius is easy to learn and has a high quality of code and testing. Its excellent documentation is supported by an active community (nearly 500 contributors on GitHub, more than 1500 users on Slack and more than 17,000 commits).

In our company, we are increasingly using Sylius more in our e-commerce projects, and we are actively contributing to it. For instance, our coworker Teoh Han Hui has strongly contributed to the building of a Docker environment (based on the one we created for our API Platform framework) and to the integration of the rollup.js JavaScript bundler (you can find all of his contributions here and here). For his part, Gregoire Hébert has already given a presentation on the migration of a PrestaShop project to Sylius at a conference.

A couple months ago, we discussed with Sylius’ core team to determine how we could pool together our strengths. After several weeks of preparation, we are happy to announce that is becoming a professional partner of Sylius and to celebrate this achievement, Łukasz Chruściel (core developer & team leader of the framework), will come to visit us at Lille as part of a series of events dedicated to this e-commerce solution. The first #SyliusWeek in Lille will take place from October 2nd to 6th 🎉!

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In addition, on the technical level, a reconciliation will be made between the Core Team of API Platform and Sylius to study how our two tools could benefit from each other.

Discover all the planned events:

[Full] Tuesday 2 October: AFUP Hauts de France Meetup

AFUP Hauts-de-France launches its autumn meetup with two exceptional guests. Łukasz Chruściel will give a conference focused on the ShopApiPlugin plugin. He will be assisted by Luc Vieillescazes, developer at, who will show through some examples that writing a parser is not that complicated.

Thursday October 4th: Research and development with the API Platform’s core team

A part of the team maintaining the API Platform framework will study the possible synergies between your preferred REST and GraphQL framework and Sylius.

On the occasion of this special week, Alan Poulain, Kévin Dunglas and Han Hui Teoh, accompanied by Théo Fidry and Antoine Bluchet, will work with Łukasz Chruściel on this project.

We will not fail to keep you informed of the day’s progress via our Twitter account.

[Full] Friday 5th October: Open Sylius Workshop (in English) at Euratechnologies

We’re inviting you to attend an open workshop (English speaking) to discover and extend Sylius. Led by Łukasz Chruściel, this event will be held at Euratechnologies on Friday 05 October from 9h to 17h, Room 2.

Łukasz will introduce to you the key features of this framework. At the end of the day, you will be able to easily configure this tool based on Symfony. Registration is free and seats are limited to 15 people.

Saturday 6th October: Hacktoberfest

Have you ever wanted to contribute to open source projects? This is the perfect opportunity! As part of the Hacktoberfest, we are organizing a hackday on Saturday, October 6th from 9am to 4pm in our office in Lomme.

Hacktoberfest is about encouraging developers from around the world, at any level, to contribute to open source projects. Various events are organized throughout the month of October: meetups, parties, hackathons… In 2017, nearly 240,000 Pull Requests had been counted and contributors having submitted at least 5 were rewarded with a T-shirt and others goodies from Digital Ocean.

This hackday will be hosted by Kévin Dunglas (Symfony core team and API Platform creator) and Łukasz Chruściel (Sylius team leader). They will be accompanied by several members of the API Platform core team. Our event will allow you to be accompanied to contribute to Sylius, API Platform or Symfony. Of course, if you want to contribute to any other project, whatever the language used, we will also be happy to help :)

On the morning of the Hackathon, Kévin will present a preview of Mercure, a new protocol (and implementation in Go) to push updates in real time to browsers and mobile applications. Of course, this tool integrates perfectly with API Platform, Sylius and Symfony.

Seats for the hackday will open on Monday, September 17th. Put a reminder in your calendar!

This framework is today one of the best e-commerce solutions available to create online shops. We are more than happy to partner with our friends at Sylius :)

Written by

French self-managed worker cooperative. Creators of @ApiPlatform and Symfony contributors. PHP, Javascript & eCommerce consultants and web developers.

Written by

French self-managed worker cooperative. Creators of @ApiPlatform and Symfony contributors. PHP, Javascript & eCommerce consultants and web developers.

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