The US Fed members are going to discuss financial support the central banks of some countries this week. In the current situation it means pushing billions of dollars to the other countries economies.

The gold and bitcoin begun growed after the news. The rate of bitcoin has added 9.4% for the last week and gold 0.8%. USD has fallen 9.3% against the basket of its major trading partners’ currencies since the 19th of March and it is the lowest rate for the last 2 years.

A weak dollar exports deflation elsewhere. It helps US exporters be more competitive (albeit while…

Do you think it is bitcoin rate growth? — I’m sad to say, but no, it is USD falling down. In safe haven searching the mass of excess dollars attacks everything it sees: euro, gold, silver. So bitcoin just came under hot hand. And in this time Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, has said about the new $1 trillion from a helicopter.

USD is losing ground totally not only as the most liquid asset, but it is putting himself at high inflation risk soon.

And what about bitcoin, the scenario of a sharp falling to about $3000 is not…

A US Federal Court said Friday that bitcoin is a form of money covered under the Washington D.C., Money Transmitters Act (MTA).

The court made this conclusion as it denied a motion to dismiss criminal charges against Larry Dean Harmon, the operator of an underground bitcoin trading platform.

Harmon’s service (Helix) is a mixer that launders money from the darknet (drugs, carding, hacking) in fact. Herman’s lawyers were able to challenge the court’s indictment half-year ago, the argument was that bitcoin is not a money so it is impossible to launder bitcoins. …

The new crypto research report claims that China has 50% of the world’s hash power only, but the US has 14%. This message is in stark contrast to the earlier report.

According to the University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) China accounts for 65% of the total Bitcoin hash power and the US accounts about 7,2%.

The BitOoda team with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) support has published research about bitcoin mining hashrate at the July 15. The one of the main target of the report is identification regions with the largest Bitcoin hash power. …

The main cryptocurrency exchanges said about bitcoin operations volume increasing. The emerging markets show the largest growth at that. For example Peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto exchange Paxful reported that its bitcoin trading volumes climbed 35% to $1.1 billion during the first six months of 2020 compared to $817 million a year ago.

More than $182 million worth of bitcoin (BTC), on average, was traded on the platform every month between January and June this year, it said. Nigeria, U.S.,Ghana, India, and Kenya led the growth, with emerging markets rising fastest.

The average amount per trade is currently fluctuating at $102 —…

American tax service IRS wants to hack the “unhackable”. IRS has publicated contract to “Cryptocurrency Tracing”.

Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH), Grin (GRIN), Komodo (KMD), Verge (XVG), and Horizon (ZEN) are interesting to them. Also IRS wants to know more about the off-chain protocol networks (Lightning Network, Raiden Network, Celer Network), the side-chains (Plasma and OmiseGo) and coins support Schnorr Signature algorithm (Bitcoin Cash).

Acquiring applications to allow an investigation to more easily trace privacy coins and other protocols that provide anonymity to illicit actors would allow investigations to be more effective, as well as facilitate a higher level…

A lot of people have understood that bitcoin is not a digital gold when the falling down stock markets pulled along bitcoin in the March 2020. But to my mind the fact is not a cause for sadness.

Interesting news has come from China. It was discovered that 83 tons of fake gold bars have been used as collateral for loans worth 20 billion yuan from 14 financial institutions to a major gold jewelry manufacturer in Wuhan, China. (Wuhan again… =)

At least some of 83 tons of gold bars used as loan collateral turned out to be nothing but…

Fed Reserve, digital dollar and the dollar economic collapse

US Fed Chair said about digital dollar: “It’s our obligation to understand it well and not wake up one day and realize that the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency because we just missed a technological change”.

Powell said also that private entities aren’t needed to build central bank digital currencies. So now a ideas about Ripple and Stellar as a digital dollar would be discussed between a dreamers only. Nothing from the existing cryptocurrencies would be a digital dollar. The Federal Reserve will never allow.

But what about the idea “wake up one day and realize that…

The number of bitcoin whales has growed up to 1,882. It is the highest level for the last 3 years. Bitcoin whale is a holder who has greater than 1k bitcoins.

The new market report from Glassnode says about growing up number of major bitcoin investor too. The report told that the number is about like in September’17, exchange rate of bitcoin had become the record in 3 months later (about 20k).

The number of whales was about today level in the March’16 the first time in bitcoin history. The number had become 2000 after it. …

I’m a cryptotrader from Latin America. My trading experience is about 8 years. And I’ll post my thinking about bitcoin rate here.

p.s. I hope it will be useful for somebody. But the main target of this blog is to save my thinking for me.

The first =)

The half-year futures on the CME will be expired at the end of June. But it is time for considering the options now because its volume has become impressive.
84100 options will be expired at the end of this month, it is about $815 millions. So I’m waiting for a large volatility.

BTC Options


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